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Exclusively employing the traditional saddle stitch technique, using hand waxed linen thread on the finest French calf skin Barenia, these water resistant and scratch proof artefacts will evolve and patina over the many decades of use. Designed with reparability at their core, our Renaissance Range will connect generations through vivid storytelling.


We only use the finest organic materials in the assembly of our artefacts. From the vegetable tanned Barenia leathers, to the linen thread, from the cotton webbing on our zippers, to our cast solid brass hardware, we ensure at every step that we use ultra durable, sustainable, and biodegradable materials. Our idea of sustainability is to buy something once, and repair and replenish it as and when is needed. But should these artefacts be left discarded outside in the rain, you can rest easy on the knowledge that the worms will make easy lunch of them. This is sustainability...dust to dust.


At Wolf & Maiden, our mission is to make the worlds best weekend companions. Items designed to go with you on all your weekend escapes, romantic adventures, and spontaneous get-aways.


Our focus us to do less, but better. For this reason, we focus on small batch production of our Renaissance Range to ensure the quality and attention to detail is maintained throughout. Each years Vintage is indicated with an emboss on the bag in Roman Numerals. Each item in each Vintage is also numbered, again in Roman Numerals. Unique and discreet. Like the Future Hierlooms they're designed to become.

Your Living Journal.

By simply tapping the logo of our products, you activate the Journeys app activated by the NFC chip unique to your bag. This drops a pin, saves the most recent photo, and the most recent song.

A moment in time. A memory to keep forever.

Capturing moments, and carrying stories.

Connecting Generations through stories captured by your cherished 'future heirloom'.